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Please find below a layout diagram of all the temples in Abinimangalam Nalla Aravayee Amman Kovil in both Tamil & English.

காட்டு கோவிலில் இருக்கும் சாமிகள் அமைப்பு:

Kattu Kovil Diagram:

M.Mari Muthu
The final Mandala Poojai for Abinhimangalam Nalla Aravayee Amman Kovil is taking place on 26-Mar-2017 between 9:00AM and 12:00PM. Please see invitation below:

URL link of the invitation to forward/share with relatives and friends(right click and share/copy link):

To save or print, download a copy of the invitation here:

Here is a schedule of days that our Veetu Kovil & Kattu Kovil are open and poojai timings for those days.

All Fridays:

Omandhur Veetu Kovil is Open and poojai timing is 11:30AM.

Abinimangalam Kattu Kovil is Open and poojai timing is 12:30PM.

Special Days: Pongal Day(Thai Pongal), Sivarathiri, Tamil New Year, Aadi 18:

Omandhur Veetu Kovil is Open and poojai is at 12:00PM(noon).

Abinimangalam Kattu Kovil is Open and poojai is at 03:30PM.

The special days don't fall on the same dates every year, they vary as per the Tamil calendar, so please check your Tamil calendar to know the exact dates for the current year.


Please find below our kattu kovil and veetu kovil poosari details.

Abinimangalam Aravayee  Kovil Poosari:

Thevarayan - Thinannur

Phone: +91-9524592968, +91-9715442699

Abinimangalam Aravayee  Kovil Kanni Poosari:

Sellayapillai - Abinimangalam

Phone: +91-9626760896

Omandhur Aravayee Kovil poosari:

Shankar - Omandhur

Phone: +91-9842232390

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Abinhimangalam Nalla Aravai Amman Kovil Kumbabishekam took place on the 6th of February 2017. Here is official video of the Kumbabishekam:

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